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Selected print- and online publications

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Further text samples below and on request.

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Strategic art advertorial of eight pages in the clients profession's field for "Magazin für Plastische Chirugie as part of the project "le visage".


Exhibitition catalogue Ludwig Museum

"Four cylindrical silver-gray metal objects can be found in SEO's installation Das Gefühl in meinem Innern (The Feeling Deep Inside), 2014. They are larger than life, 2.20 m high and have a diameter of 1.50 m at the bottom. From there, they first curve minimally outwards and then taper towards the top. The surface is as smooth as glass. There they are surrounded by murmuring sounds, such as a horn, a rustling noise, a collage of different sounds, from which crystallizes a main sound: The uniform sound of bells.

The Korean artist SEO (born 1977) is showing an installation of four bells which is based on a personal experience she had in her hometown of Gwangju: SEO was standing on a hill and looking down into the valley when she heard the sound of ringing bells, the bells of a nearby temple. She spent an hour on the mountain, alone, alone with nature, and listened to the sound of the bells. The sound of loneliness, the sound to find oneself.

Back in the city, it was hectic again. Her family, her friends and everybody were asking her how she was doing and wanted to know what her next project was. In her studio in Germany she thought a lot about this experience, the moment in nature and the sound of bells and the feeling fleeting by, the one which triggered this sound in herself, as she sees herself, a German artist with Korean roots. As so often, she started reflecting on the different social systems in Germany and Asia…

Text excerpt from:


Excerpt from a text publication about the Korean Artist SEO and her Installation „Das Gefühl in meinem Innern (The Feeling Deep Inside)“, 2014, published in the Exhibition catalogue of the Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Germany

Read the whole catalogue text 


Text about the artist Kejoo Park

"Warm golden sunlight falls on the mirror-smooth facade of the high-rise building in Kejoo Park's work "Gefällige Wahrheit ( Pleasing Truth) I. On the other side of a river, on the bank of which we as viewers find ourselves, the high-rise building rises up to the sky. On our side of the water, a tree leans its sparsely leafed branches in front of the building. It cannot be seen in its entirety, because the entire left side of the picture (a photograph) covers a vertical surface of generously curved white brushstrokes. In some places the paint is transparent. The sunlight gently shines through there and a small colourful bird sits on a branch shimmering through the white surface. On the façade of the high-rise building a small symbol is emblazoned, the contour of a raised thumb..."

Text excerpt from:


Katharina Arimont, "Von der Einheit der Gegensätze", a text about the korean artist Kejoo Park published in the catalogue "Innere Landschaften", 2017. 



"Le Laboratoire est une institution privée qui a ouvert ses portes au centre de Paris en octobre 2007. Dans cette institution au concept nouveau la rencontre entre art et science –processus nommé « Artscience » par le fondateur du Laboratoire– est l'occasion d'innovations en tout genre. Ces expériences au cours desquelles se rencontrent artistes et scientifiques prennent forme autour de quattre thèmes annuels qui en définissent le domaine d'action : industrie, culture, humanitaire et éducation. Chaque expérience est attachée à une exposition temporaire.

La muséographie de ces expositions est originale et se veut différente de celle d'un musée. Le mode d'exposition final est rarement défini à l'avance. Il prend forme au fur et à mesure du travail de mise en place des œuvres et participe au processus créatif. Cette étude se concentre sur les problèmes de muséographie d'un tel établissement. En effet, une muséographie qui doit rendre compte d'un processus est-elle réalisable ? Comment saisir l'essence d'une rencontre ? Comment montrer à travers une exposition figée un processus de réflexion et d'innovation ? Cette analyse tentera d’apporter des éléments de réponse à ces questions et cherchera également à montrer quelle est la raison d'être et la place, des expositions au Laboratoire."


Textauszug aus:


Katharina Arimont "Le Laboratoire Paris. Le processus de laison entre art et science, exposé à travers une muséographie originale", E-Book, 2007. 

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