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Conception, Consulting, Curation

Using synergy effects: Developing and connecting innovations

In a dynamic corporate landscape, the promotion and management of innovations form the foundation for long-term success. My value proposi-tion is to reposition companies, organizations and institutions in surprising ways and improve their future viability. It's not just about discovering new avenues for innovation; it's about revolutionizing how my clients business resonates in the global sphere. My services include conception, consulting and curation, which are interlinked. This is how I create synergy effects for the development and connection of innovations. The focus is on the fol-lowing areas:

  • Business Innovation 

  • Product Innovation

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Corporate Communication

  • Corporate Art Projects

  • Transformation Management

Fluid Innovation process: workflow and procedure

Inspired by the avant-garde Fluxus movement of the 1960s, I explore interdisciplinary connections, uncover hidden potential, identify conver-gences, initiate unconventional connections, create cross-functional ideas and tap into untapped potential. In doing so, I always encourage an ex-ploration of the "why" and "why not" and integrate different perspectives into cross-sector structures and initiatives. By linking different areas of the company, I not only aim to create value in isolation, but also generate ideas for value-enhancing interrelationships. Every step, from basic research to the detailed elaboration of innovation paths and their seamless integration, is geared towards developing and presenting sus-tainable solutions.

I.    Analysis meeting and initial exploration

> Initial consultation and vision assessment > Exploration of the corporate vision, challenges and innovation potential > Identification of innovation opportunities in various areas of corporate development, such as business, marketing and communication and technology.

II.  Innovation Proposals and Goal Definition

> Presentation of concrete proposals for innovative approaches > Setting clearly defined goals and identifying promising measurement frames, while keeping the process open to adapt to changing requirements and explore different innovation directions.

III. Innovation Streams

Business and product innovation > In-depth market and trend analyses: Comprehensive market research and identification of trends in order to recognize opportunities for innovative products or services. > Use of flexible creative and business methods: Use of various creative and entrepreneurial methods such as Design Thinking and Business Model Canvas to generate new ideas and develop innovative approaches. > User-centered research methods: Using psychological research on consumer behavior to create comprehensive user journeys to tailor products to the exact needs of users. > Holistic approach to product development: A process that includes prototyping, rigorous testing and iterative improvements through user-based feedback to continuously optimize products. Corporate communication innovation and campaigns > Integrating customer development and innovation into communication strategies: An approach that uses insights from customer development and innovation to improve communication strategies and implement innovative approaches. > Change management in campaigns: Adapting communication campaigns to reflect changes in the market or corporate strategy and to respond flexibly to new trends or customer needs. > Considering marketing, advertising and brand management: incorporating marketing and advertising strategies and effective brand management to drive innovation and support communication objectives. Art projects that are tailored to corporate needs and create win-win situations in business-related areas: > art in strategy®: using artistic thinking as a catalyst for innovation, corporate values and strategic initiatives. > Tailor-made art projects as part of the CSR strategy for corporate social commitment and at the same time content for marketing, advertising, corporate communication, events, etc.

IV. Innovation Nexus

The innovation nexus forms the central point at which various innovation streams come together. It illustrates the interaction between different areas in order to achieve common goals. It is comparable to a pivotal point where ideas, methods and strategies from different areas meet and work together to drive innovation forward. > Convergence of service areas for optimal support and enhanced collaboration. > Clarity achieved through comprehensive analysis and innovative solution proposals. > Defining projects with clear goals and strategic alignment. > Flexibility in connecting various domains to identify the most effective path for innovation. > Implementing domain-specific activities that support your innovation goals while fostering collaboration and synergy across disciplines.

Visionary Innovation: Redefining Corporate Trajectories

From innovative business models to catalyzing societal engagement through entrepreneurial art endeavors - each piece completes the innova-tion puzzle in areas such as marketing, technology et al. and is tailored to its respective requirements. Like Steve Job once said: "It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing."

For detailed information and the preparation of an individual offer, you are welcome to contact me for a non-binding consultation.

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