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Ideas & Strategy


I offer freelance services in the areas of Creativity & Innovation.

You can hire me e.g. for strategic project design, for innovation development and consulting, accompaniment of digitization and change processes as well as a sparring partner for idea development and strategy, for impulse talks about disruptive thinking, art and innovation, as well as for individually designed, holistic entrepreneurial art-projects which drive entrepreneurial innovation while at the same time engaging in corporate social responsibility.

When developing ideas, I draw a lot of inspiration from art as a mirror of our society. This allows me to look at things from unusual perspectives. With art in strategy®, I relate artistic processes, ways of thinking and approaches to the economic. It is a transformative approach with which I integrate art as a vehicle for innovation into entrepreneurial value creation - i create encounters between art and economic processes bringing in a wide variety of formats the role of an art curator into the business context to uncover things that can trigger something profitable for business: like connectivity in the sense of persuasiveness, identifying opportunities in general, tapping into consumer segments or opening up product ideas as well as image enhancement through corporate commitment to art. With my pop-up gallery, Galerie Arimont, I primarily address the impact of new technologies on society in exhibitions.

However, not everything I do and offer has to do with art per se. Art is a vehicle for me, a source of creativity for the way I work, and what makes me unique is my way of not only always thinking outside the box, but also thinking differently about the box itself.

I create smart solutions for demanding clients and bring creativity to a disruptive level. So if you want a change of perspective of your current work, a different point of view, I am happy to open up fixed structures and help you to see possibilities, to shape creativity and transfer it into innovation, to ignite the necessary spark and use it strategically to set your project and/or company apart from others.

Curious what I can do for you?
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