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art in strategy®

Innovation through artistic mindsets

On selected innovation projects, I apply art in strategy®



art in strategy® (ais) is a method for developing innovative ideas for companies, organizations and institutions. Similar to Design Thinking, ais is based on creativity and user-centeredness. However, while Design Thinking focuses on an interactive process for finding ideas and solving problems as well as concentrates on collaboration and interaction with users, ais opens up a new dimension by integrating artistic ways of thinking as a driver for ideas and thus as a core element in innovation processes.



Innovation today often focuses on technological contexts. The holistic approach of ais and the integration of artistic ways of thinking and working into corporate processes enables the development of comprehensive, cross-sector solutions that are beneficial for companies and their target groups and valuable for society. Artists think holistically, they think through processes in often unconventional ways, they are professionals on the move and very sensitive to social developments. Placed in the context of business enterprises, new perspectives emerge and it is not only the artifact that changes, but also the contexts in which each new artifact takes its place. ais achieves effective results, for example, in user-centered brand and product innovation, in the development of new business areas, markets and target groups, in the strengthening of the corporate image and in extraordinary content for marketing and corporate communication.



With ais, we reflect social needs and open up space for new thoughts and ideas. We integrate these into an individual and holistic project proposal through the seamless dovetailing of conception, consulting and curation. We work in different areas such as corporate development, innovation and product development, communication and marketing as well as at their interfaces. For each ais project we create an individual team.


Every project is individual. 

Let's talk about yours.

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