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art in strategy®

Transformative approach for innovation creation



art in strategy® (ais) generates a changed view of innovation and communication processes by incorporating artistic ways of thinking into corporate processes. ais reflects and strengthens the artistic-creative moment in the development and communication of products and services as an engine for innovation. In doing so, ais aims at holistic, cross-over, sustainable and novel solutions with a high gain in differentiation and the associated increase in value. The immediate added value lies, for example, in the development of new target groups, user-centered brand and product innovations, image strengthening as well as valuable content for marketing and corporate communications.


In the development of innovations, a holistic approach is often missing due to structural reasons. Innovation often arises primarily in the context of technology, the concrete benefits of the current application and in a priori systems that focus on singular actions, institutions and measures. art in strategy® loosens up fixed structures, and creates cross-divisional as well as unusual perspectives with a magnified focal length, reflecting the actual needs in society. Thus, ais designs far-reaching visions for innovations, connects them with concrete implementation strategies and acts as a flexible interface in the development of innovations. 


With art in strategy®, innovation is the result of a holistic view and thus a recognition of actual needs. By using artistic thinking as a mirror of societal needs, we open a wide-angle lens that reflects the actual desires of (potential) consumers. The ais approach combines consulting, conception and curation, which are intertwined. We act for and with companies in different departments as well as at the interfaces of the individual areas (e.g. in and between technology and communication departments, in and between marketing and innovation departments, etc.). For each ais project we form an individual team (consisting of strategists, innovation consultants/developers, curators and a lead artist as well as other artists if relevant. With this team, we work in co-creation with the teams in the corporations that commission us. 

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