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Le visage que tu mérites

How do we live our lives

and how life leaves traces on our faces?


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“You get a budget and with it you can realize a short film of your choice" - this was the starting point of a cooperation with the young filmmaker Cyril Schäublin for Dr. med. Peter Kessler, the owner of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory and patron of the company's own art and film promotion section Le Manoir Art. Cyril Schäublin realised "Le visage que tu mérites" (4 min), in english "The face you deserve". The belongs to the collection of Le Manoir Art and will be shown on selected occasions.

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Le visage

que tu mérites 

Topic of the film: Personal responsibility for one´s own appearance

Practising dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Peter Kessler,
Owner of Le Manoir Cream Manufactury Patron of the arts

Press dinner Le Manoir cream Manufactury
Premiere of the film as exclusive - program

Target group beauty: Press article VOGUE 

Ludwig Museum
in Coblence
"Face it!
Who do you want to be?"

Target group 
medical field:
Article about the exhibition and its patron Dr. Peter Kessler in the Magazin für Plastische Chirugie

Target group art:
Mentions in various art media,
Television interview with the curator about the exhibition broadcast in art media such as SWR Aktuell
and magazine Kunscht Baden Baden

"Le visage que tu mérites" is about taking responsibility for one's own life and one`s own appearance. "How do we live our lives, and how does life leave traces on our faces?" asks Cyril Schäublin.
A mirror is mounted in the elevator of a large metro station. Passengers switch between the different platforms. For a fleeting moment they are alone with themselves and their mirror image.
Le Manoir Cream Manufactory was allowed to present this short film at its press dinner for the brand launch and was thus able to thematically underline the brand essence of individuality as a starting point for concentrating on the essentials as the philosophy of product creation, as well as expressing its view of beauty and self-confidence. The Le Manoir Cream Manufactory which is located in the realm of the beauty world, a often considered superficial industry, and Dr. Peter Kessler (founder and owner of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory and patron of the film), who as a practicing dermatologist is confronted with beauty ideals in his work every day, can thus present themselves in an extraordinary way.

The face of a person shows his or her emotions and testifies to the inner state of the mind. Like a mirror, it reflects one's way of life and serves as a mask for social conventions. In art, the face therefore functions as a symbol of the personal responsibility that each person bears for himself/herself and his/her own life. The film encourages the reflection of one's own self and self image, it shows not only beautiful faces, but also something that irritates, provokes, and raises questions: a young woman looks at her reflection with charm and rapture; an older woman dares a furtive look in the mirror as if she is afraid of what she will see: the transience of her own life.
Beauty chief of VOGUE-online-Germany, Beatrice Graf, wrote a wonderful VOGUE Online article about the brand Le Manoir, about one Le Manoir product she had tested and also mentioned "Le visage que tu mérites" in her article: as well as ICON Print Magazin.
Cyril Schäublin refers in his film to a quote from Coco Chanel: "La nature vous donne le visage que vous avez à vingt ans. La vie façonne le visage que vous avez à trente ans. Mais à cinquante ans tu as le visage que tu mérites."
In English: "Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life forms the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you have the face you deserve" - a provocative quote from the beauty icon Coco Chanel and a theme that the beauty world in particular is trying to ignore through rejuvenating beauty interventions. 
In order to give the film an artistic framework and to go even deeper into the subject, we launched a cooperation with the Ludwig Museum in Coblence for Le Manoir Art and curated an exhibition conceived as an artistic intervention in the museum's collection entitled "FACE IT! Who do you want to be?".  There "Le visage que tu mérites" was shown in the context of several works from the collection of the Ludwig Museum, which in turn question the portrait, the human physiognomy.
The press took up this theme on various level: SWR television made a report (including an interview with Katharina Arimont, the exhibition curator about the context of the project), television Magazin "Kunscht" reported on the exhibition project etc.
In order to make the connection to Dr. Peter Kessler, who is the patron behind "Le visage que tu mérites" and to his work as a dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon, where he deals daily with people who want to change their own face, I wrote i. o. an advertorial in the magazine for plastic surgery about the exhibition project to present Dr. Kessler's philosophy.

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