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Katharina Arimont

My professionnal journey


My fascination for innovation and harnessing creative forces for business processes has led me to occupy the intersection between art and business in a variety of ways, producing user-centered products of all kinds: from exhibition curation and entrepreneurial art projects to strategic brand building and innovative business and product development. If you would like to delve deeper, you are welcome to learn more about the individual stages of my professional career.

Detailed resume

I graduated in 2012 with a Magister as well as an International Master's Double Degree in Art History and Philosophy at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and museology at the École du Louvre in Paris in 2012. In addition to exhibition conception and the psychology of art education, the museology degree also covers a.o. the areas of press, marketing and basic legal aspects. 

During my studies in Heidelberg, I coordinated innovative health care projects in Africa as a Franco-German project coordinator at ISL GmbH, in close cooperation with BASF in Ludwigsburg. During my time in Paris, I advised the private cultural and scientific company Le Laboratoire, founded by David Edwards, a professor at Harvard University.

After completing my studies, I initially worked in the Event Management and Corporate Sponsorship Cooperation department of the Städel Museum, Frankfurt (2012/13). This position gave me an insight into the world of cultural sponsorship with all its opportunities and challenges.


Following the Städel Museum, I worked as part of a scientific position (Wissenschaftliches Volontariat) at the Ludwig Museum, Koblenz (2013-15). I managed and curated temporary exhibitions projects (from concept to the implementation) developed accompanying program for exhibitions/ Workshops, moderated artist talks, was responsible for marketing and public relations (inkl. budget) and coordinated catalog productions.


After my time at the museum, I was drawn to the art market - guided by the desire to empathize with artists and understand who they are, who they want to be and to take on the challenge of presenting them successfully on the market. I worked at Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin (2015-17). There I curated exhibitions, developed concepts for fairs and various projects, advised art collectors and wrote texts for the press and speeches.


Following my gallery work, I started freelancing as well as a position as Brand Strategy Consultant and Creative Director for the company Le Manoir Crememanufaktur (2017-19). My activities included general corporate development, development of a corporate identity, conception and implementation of a sales and communication strategy; responsibility and expansion of the basic product range, creative direction of shootings; conception and implementation of holistic marketing projects as well as crossover planning for the use of all touchpoints, conception and implementation of brand-strategic events; development and management of a creative office and team and Stakeholder management. In addition, I realized entrepreneurial art marketing projects for Le Manoir.

In 2017, I established art in strategy®, starting in the areas of marketing and corporate communications.


In 2021, I certified in Business Development at the German Institute for Marketing and in Digital Transformation at Indisoft.


The contents of the certificate course Business Development Manager include the development of business models, trend recognition and reflection, market and customer analysis, strategy and conception, basic strategic patterns, the Blue Ocean model, the development of customers and innovations, market penetration and market development, brand, product, campaign and change management, growth hacking, managing internationalization and controlling measures.


The Digital Transformation certificate course provides comprehensive know-how to successfully guide companies through the process of digital transformation, including agile project management, stakeholder analysis, digital leadership and digital business as well as the basics of data science. Change management is also part of the certification in order to recognize the need for change in companies, evaluate change processes and facilitate various phases and strategies of communication in change processes. I also acquired the Professional Scrum Master I and Professional Scrum Product Owner I qualifications from


At the end of 2021 until mid-2022, I worked on a project basis as an Innovation & Technology Consultant at Early Brands Management Consulting, Bremen. There I mainly advised a large corporation on the development of attractive business opportunities outside its core business. 


At the beginning of 2022, I expanded art in strategy® to include the areas of corporate and product innovation. I also founded Galerie Arimont.


Since 2023, I have expanded my range of freelance services.

Within my  portfolio you will find successfully implemented work samples from vari-ous areas.

For additional references, a non-binding consultation and an individual offer, I will gladly be at your disposal.


I look forward to exchanges and new challenges.

Let's connect!

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