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Myth and progress

Artist: Silja Yvette

Silja Yvette_REVALUE DOME_2021_120x80cm.jpg

What impact do new technologies and the use of resources have on our earth, our lives, in short, on our existence, both positively and negatively? And to what extent can artists provide innovation-promoting impulses for society and, in a next step, also for the economy? 

I explore this question currently in cooperation with the artist Silja Yvette's and in relation with her photo series "Metaphysics of Core Matter" - a fundamental investigation of contemporary materials at the interface of art, research and industry.


The project combines exhibitions of contemporary photography with research on sustainable production and interdisciplinary mediation. 

Our aim is to create space in which the theme of sustainability is explored on different levels. This is intended to change not only the artefact itself, but also the contexts in which each new artwork takes its place.

In line with my cross-divisional way of thinking and working, I have taken up and continue to take up various points:

  • With Galerie Arimont, as one of the partner institutions of the European Month of Photography (EMOP) 2023, Berlin's largest photo festival, I showed works of Silja Yvette's series "Metaphysics of Core Matter"  with Galerie Arimont in an exhibition in Berlin Mitte. 

  • Silja Yvette received the Goldrausch Scholarship in 2023. As part of a final exhibition realized by Goldrausch, I wrote a  text for Silja Yvette's artist catalog about the paradox of innovation and exnovation.

  • In a next step, we are planning a museum project in the form of an exhibition intervention by Silja Yvette and another artist in the museum's permanent collection (more information will follow shortly). 

  • This project will be complemented by an art in strategy® component, in which we will integrate the two artists' way of thinking to develop product innovations for a commercial enterprise. At the same time, the project will be woven into the corporate communication. (further information will follow shortly)

  • Further developments will follow. It remains exciting. 

Do you have a connecting factor and would you like to participate in this project with your company? Feel free to contact me.

Every project is individual. 
Let's talk about yours.

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