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How it works


As an agile Creative Innovation Lab we operate with ​art in strategy® at various interfaces and utilize the arts as a mirror of social needs.


By linking artistic way of thinking to economic processes, we are focusing on the impact of new technologies in cultural contexts in order to spark a process that provides an impetus for the company and the surrounding society simultaneously. In doing so, we cooperate across disciplines with technical as well as cultural and educational institutions. With this holistic approach, we open up exciting perspectives on innovation dynamics and ideas on a global scale for disruptive, sovereign and sustainable innovation as well as game-changes traditional sponsorship of the arts.


art in strategy® leaves the usual context of art education and instead incorporates art as a process in companies by reflecting the artistic-creative moment in every company, the engine for innovation. The point of connection between art and business is a changed view of innovation and communication processes with which a company can fulfill its role as a profitable corporate citizen.


art in strategy® strengthens the artistic-creative moment in the development and communication of products and services. In doing so, art in strategy® aims at sustainable, novel solutions with a high gain in differentiation and the associated increase in value. Ideally, the gain in differentiation and the increase in value serve all stakeholders of a company. In order to strengthen the artistic-creative moment in innovation and communication processes and to develop powerful solutions that can actually be communicated and perceived as sustainably novel, art in strategy® uses interdisciplinary methods and intervention approaches.

The role of the curator is of particular importance. As consultants, they shift the encounter with art from conventional contexts into the company by pointing to the artistic-creative moment inherent in the company, reinforcing it through appropriate artistic intervention and interaction with which they give artists the freedom to be active, and thus opening up possibilities for the design and communication of sustainably new solutions.

art in strategy® repositions thus the activity of curating, combines it with consulting and conception and brings them to the frontier of each other to create values that come from opposing fields and are united to increase value. Instead of the gallery, the company's own showroom becomes the place to communicate and market the new solutions thus obtained. While art in this way communicates and expands the creative potential within the company, it also reflects its own entrepreneurial potential.

How does our approach take shape?
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A new way of curation

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