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From individually conceived and realized holistic corporate art projects, which are located between marketing cooperation and art sponsoring, to consulting and interventions such as impulse lectures - art in strategy® is about taking a different look at your challenges, with an artistic as well as strategic mindset which creates unusual perspectives and thus shows enchriching solutions and creates content.


art in strategy® allows a nonsensical approach to all things in life and life itself enabling us to see perspectives and realities of it we otherwise would miss.

Let's assume you would like to get involved with your company in the area of art sponsoring, but you would also like to receive individual content that is close to your company. We conceive an individual art engagement project for you that deals with content close to your company and use it strategically in your PR and image communication. Simultaneously, we use the input that the project provides in terms of content and give you food for thought for your brand and product development. 

Or the other way around, you are looking for a completely different point of view on your innovation projects and require unusual business and product ideas, then we create this for you within conception and consulting services, where we position ourselves at interfaces between departments, e.g. between marketing and technology or business development and press, etc. Or let's say you want to launch a new product and test it on users beforehand - instead of a normal testing, we combine the whole thing with an exhibition format through which you also create public attention for your brand. Or you want to show special features in your manufacturing process - instead of a classic marketing campaign, we let artists work it out and combine it with a socially relevant topic, because companies can assume social responsibility by bringing philosophical and ethical questions about world events and possible answers into the public eye. Or, another example, you want to encourage your team to be more creative - we design a workshop for you and implement it. Or in the area of branding: Here we also transfer the approach of curating exhibitions to building a brand. Or, you want a project on a specific technology that makes up your business, such as blockchain or artificial intelligence, to find new, creative uses and business ideas while having content for your corporate communication - we can think of something profitable for any topic. Or, finally a last example: Imagine, you wondering how you can reduce your employees' inhibitions about digitization, about new technologies that not only simplify processes but also replace familiar activities? Of course, by talking openly with your team about concerns, thoughts, questions, but also by creating a framework with art in strategy®, for example, in which the whole thing takes place with an artistic scenography that is fun, delightful and triggers ideas that have a lasting effect.

We create value through unusual ways for image enhancement, reaching new audiences as well as brand strengthening towards your target groups, attention by creating authentic content for your corporate communication as well as making your values known and much more. 

Why art?
Let's have a look at their power.

Let's have a look at our implementation formats

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