Creative Direction I

Visual Content für Le Manoir Skincare

For this visual material for Le Manoir Cream Manufactory, I emphasized on the company's motto "True luxury focuses on the essentials" and had this reflected in the aesthetics of the photographs. I created shots showing the models with products in use and "mood" photos as well as shots in which the models are staged with the ingredients of the products, such as roses and lavender. The products of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory were developed by its founder and owner, dermatologist Dr. med. Peter Kessler, on the basis of his many years of medical expertise. During this photo shoot I staged every Le Manoir product with its main active ingredient and medical accessoires to underline the medical character of the products. The "clean" look and white background emphasizes this, too.

My team at the creative direction of this shoot: Senior Art Director der Marke Le Manoir Christian von der Heide, Photo- & Video: Chih-Chien Wang and Aleksandra Cieślewicz, Assistance: Laura Wolf, Make-up: Maria Boman, Styling – Clothes: Antje Kochanowski, Photo- & Video editing: Aleksandra Cieślewicz