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Why us

Our advantage


art in strategy® uniquely selects, positions and connects professional groups and individuals who otherwise would not ever come together in their respective inherited sphere, thus forming a whole new sphere of collaboration. By orchestrating different parties in the fields of art and business, we connect all business areas through disruptive innovation thinking.

We are an agile interface for any kind of marketing and innovation project experienced handling the walk on a tight rope between incorporating business and the arts into one unity that enhances each other, learning from each other and therefore enable a base from which totally new and authentic things can emerge from.


Our team's intuitive and far-sighted approach gives us a holistic understanding of consumer needs. With our independent and agile working structure as well as our exceptional network to diverse professional groups in the creative, artistic, cultural and economic fields and our ability to balance economic efficiency and artistic freedom, we enable credible business engagement in the social context of societal relevance.

The art in strategy®-approach positions artists within the corporate structure as equal beacons and antenn for new things, it offers unique teams of artists and experts going hand-in-hand, offering not only additive activities, yet probing deep activities, which by nature will allow the generating of a much more applicable, hand-on innovation development.

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