Unique to ais

Exeptional Innovation Development 


We are an agile interface in innovation creation. We analyze existing innovation projects as well as needs and design concepts for disruptive brand and product innovations as well as communication through strategic use of artistic output in marketing and corporate communication. We develop innovative products with high market relevance, focused on real consumer needs, create image gains through collaboration with art as well as perception enhancement in corporate and product communication and advertising. By orchestrating different parties in the art and business sectors, we connect all business areas through disruptive innovation thinking.

Our team's intuitive and far-sighted approach gives us a holistic understanding of the global market and current consumer needs. With our independent and agile working structure, as well as our exceptional network to diverse professional groups in the creative, artistic, cultural and economic fields and our ability to balance economic efficiency and artistic freedom, we enable a credible integration of companies into the social context of social relevance.