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A corporate philosophy goes around the world in an artistic short film

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The guiding principle of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory Dr. Kessler is "True luxury focuses on the essentials". The German-French film project "Rebirth" questions this philosophy of the founder Dr. Peter Kessler in a philosophical way. The artist duo REVEL (Azel Le Bris & Sofian Pelloquin) use the medium film to reflect on the topic of "true luxury“. The film would have premiered at the Cinéma UGC Gobelins in Paris on March 20th, 2020; due to restrictions caused by the corona virus it was postponed and took place at october 8th 2021. 

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Le Manoir Art
Film funding

"What is true luxury?"

Le Manoir Cream Manufactory,
the company behind
Le Manoir Art,
Philosophy of the manufactory:
"True luxury is focused on the essentials" 

Film festivals, cinemas and platforms for short films, e.g. Arte Shortfilm

Film takes place in the fashion industry

Film clips and film stills at the Le Manoir booth at the Fashion of Week Berlin



For concept stores the creative concept is interesting, idea: besides selling Le Manoir products, exhibition in stores with e.g. film stills as editions print for sale

Creative content for Social Media, Advertising etc
Article about film/
the artists,
Interviews / Photos of the products in film style (sea scene)

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"Rebirth" is an artistically free project; there were no specifications regarding content, how the film should look like and how the plot should be like. Only the question "What is true luxury?" was given to the two artists as a starting point.

The film takes place in the fashion industry and is about the young art director Pauline. She lives in luxury, but is actually trapped like a fish in a jar. When she realizes this, she undergoes a transformation, goes into herself. In the film this metaphor is translated into great water shots. Coiled up like a baby in the womb, Pauline brings herself back to the primordial state of human life and then literally swims herself free. 
In articles and posts on the websites and the social media platforms of Le Manoir Art and Cream Manufactory, you can find written information about the film and sequences of it.


It is intended to show "Rebirth" in selected cinemas; at film festivals, platforms for short films etc. and thus to make Le Manoir Art and indirectly Le Manoir Cream Manufactory, known and to underline its philosophy.
The logo of Le Manoir Art can be found in the credits of the film. In close consultation with Revel, video sequences and film stills were chosen, which Le Manoir Cream Manufactory is allowed to use commercially and with its logo. 

We staged the Le Manoir products in the style of the film (photos in the sand) and so photos were created that look like they were in the film. Sequences from "Rebirth" were used in different advertising campaigns in cooperation with marketing team Le Manoir Cream Manufactory (Laura Wolf & Aleksandra Cieślewicz). The campaign "Let your skin breathe a sigh of relief", directed by Laura Wolf, includes the video clip "Le Manoir Peelings". Scenes convey a sense of purity, freshness and new beginnings; the protagonist embodies a modern and strong woman who knows what she wants. The clip thus not only promotes care products (and clean skin), but also conveys an attitude towards life.


Rebirth already enriched the booth of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory at the Fashion Week Berlin, January 2020; Sequences of the film were played on an i-pad, and visitors could take home a postcard with a film still of "Rebirth" on it.

Our concept also includes to photo print selected film stills of "Rebirth" and offer them for a sale in distribution outlets of Le Manoir products (e.g. concept stores with an affinity to art).

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