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An illustrative character as recoginition value


The illustrator and artist Ekaterina Koroleva interprets the founding story of Le Manoir skin care in one figure. The outcome is "Marlène", the muse of and for Le Manoir. "Marlène" takes us into the world of film, to a film location in Luxembourg where the first cream of the company Le Manoir Cream Manufactory was created.

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Muse by and for Le Manoir

Marlène as a single figure

Marlène as advertisement, scene on the film set

Marlène as beauty illustration

Le Manoir Art
Free Art Part

Various illustrations with Marlène - all in
minimalist style and oriented on illustrations of the 50s

Le Manoir Cream Manufacture, a company with deep-rooted tradition and creative artistic approach, philosophy of Le Manoir "True luxury focuses on the essentials". 

In addition to the illustrations, the art section of Le Manoir Crememanufaktur will provide an insight into Ekaterina’s working methods and will show preliminary sketches and other (sometimes more abstract) drawings and paintings related to the illustrations

Website & Social Media Accounts of Le Manoir Art

Sale of editions in e.g. concept stores

Print ads and animated in commercials about products and brand identity

Postcards to display in bars, cafés and to be send along when shipping the products purchchased in the online shop.

Sales materials banners, displays


Live painting action in art associations, museums or in the middle of the street as well as projections at press and sales events 

Special Edition Fashion Give Away- Hyaluronserum mit Illustration

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"Marlène" as a fictional character for a true story - the genesis of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory - creates a myth that is both mysterious and authentic. Dermatologist Dr. Peter Kessler was called to the set of a film production in Luxembourg to treat the French leading actress, whose skin had been overstressed by all the make-up and make-up removal. He mixed a cream specially developed for her skin´s need, which healed it. The foundation stone for the Le Manoir cream factory was laid. Marlène symbolizes the actress on the film set.

Based on a few specifications from the client Dr. Kessler, Ekaterina Koroleva developed the "Figur Marlène", "Marlène on the film set" and "Beauty illustrations", which underline the care routine of the Le Manoir products.


Ekaterinas drawing style is concentrated on the essentials and thus analogous to the philosophy of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory. This special filigree, feminine drawing style and Marlène's facial characteristics create a recognition value for the figure, so that (potential) customers (subconsciously) associate Marlène with Le Manoir Cream Manufactory whenever they see her. 
"Marlène as a key visual" contains an intimated "M" and is slightly stylized geometrically. With her, I have conceived a special edition of a Le Manoir product, on whose packaging she is printed.

The "Beauty Illustrations of Marlène" are often drawn with just a few strokes and thus reduced to the essentials. In this way, they are reminiscent of the drawing style of the famous illustrator from the 50s, René Gruau.

The ad with "Marlène on the film set" is currently (February 2020) in progress. It uses a technique by René Gruau: Different picture elements are composed in such a way that they show a kind of snapshot of a moving event. Another special feature for an advertisement:


The product that (potential) customers are supposed to buy is not depicted, but only the brand world itself. The ad thus stimulates the viewer's personal development in his or her mind, so that the brand world is anchored subconsciously. In the background, the diamond-shaped logo of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory is discreetly visible. 

The illustrations were used in commercials for Le Manoir products and the brand identity, computer-animated and beeing impersonated by a model during a shooting for Le Manoir Cream Manufactory. With a charming and coquettish wink, "Marlène" draws her viewers into the world of Le Manoir and appears again and again in different places. She can be found in sales materials, on large banners, on displays and in image brochures - she recently enriched the stand of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory at the Fashion Week Fair Premium, January 2020. My concept also includes postcards to display in bars, cafés and as a little surprise when buying Le Manoir products online.
The "Marlène" project can be extended and used again and again in different contexts, so that Marlène always "anchors" herself consciously and unconsciously in the viewers' minds. The illustrations can be published as editions, framed and sold in concept stores that carry the Le Manoir products; a live painting action in which Ekaterina Koroleva paints Marlène on a large canvas can enrich a Le Manoir event as a program or take place as a happening in a museum, an art association or even in the middle of the street to draw attention to the brand. 

Another special feature of the illustration project is that not only the finished illustrations are shown, as companies often do, but also to provide an insight into the development process of the illustrations.


In addition, other free drawings and paintings by Ekaterina, which were created during the work on the illustrations, will be shown. 

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