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In conversation with inspiring personalities


Illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva


Ekaterina Korolevas studio in Berlin Mitte is full of sketches and paintings, painting utensils and books - in the middle of this creative oasis the illustrator and artist is sitting with her much-loved green tea and delicious cookies ready for an interview. Her lively and open manner makes her an interesting and pleasant interview partner and thus an exciting conversation develops. We talk about her beginnings as an illustrator, about her sources of inspiration, about men's heads and the biggest clichés in her profession.

Sending interview text on request.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-03 um
Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-02 um

Designer Christian von der Heide 


Christian von der Heide is one of the most creative and exciting persons I know. His way of thinking as well as his talent to soak up sensory impressions and synthesize them into exciting designs are simply fascinating. Whether product, corporate, logo or editorial design - for clients such as Dita van Teese, Strellson, David Rothschild, Yōji Yamamoto - Christian's designs always go beyond an aesthetic surface, as in the packaging design for Le Manoir.

On a warm Saturday night in summer, Christian and I talk about things like the art of gardening, beauty, the fashion sins of his youth, the importance of humour, and how he works and what inspires him.

Sending interview text on request.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-21 um
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-21 um

Artist Kristiane Kegelmann


Kristiane Kegelmann is a wonderful and charismatic artist. She creates fascinating sculptures that have an unusual "feature" - you can eat them, but only partially. And what exactly you can eat from them is not apparent at first glance, because the surface of the edible elements is often no different from the surfaces of the non-edible parts of the artwork. The resulting uncertainty of the viewers of her works makes her art particularly exciting in the exhibition context.

I visited Kristiane Kegelmann in her studio. There is chocolate, fruit, vegetables, concrete blocks, wire frames, and in the middle of it all is this charismatic person who reveals more about herself and her work in this interview.

Sending interview text on request.

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