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a ≡ a (Identity)

An interactive sculpture on a brand philosophy


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Supported by Le Manoir Art, the independent art section of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory, the artist Kristiane Kegelmann creates a work of art inspired by the company's motto "True luxury focuses on the essentials". The result is an interactive sculpture with edible elements: "a ≡ a (Identity)“. It was shown in cooperation with the young art association artburst as part of an event at the Kulturförderpunkt Berlin. The creation and construction of the work as well as the visitors' sculpture experience were documented.

a  a (Identity)

Le Manoir Art


Philosophy Le Manoir Cream Manufactury
"True luxury focuses on the essentials" 

Theme of the artwork:
"Who am I
and what effect do I have on others?" 
True luxury is focussing on yourself

Sculpture - experience art and at the same time the brand philosophy
Le Manoir

Component of image film of the brand
Le Manoir Cream Manufactory

Documentation of the creation and development process of the artwork and the visitors' experience 

Interviews with the artist, the creative director and the product designer of the brand Le Manoir


Kristiane Kegelmann was inspired by the Le Manoir Cream Manufactory's motto "True luxury focuses on the essentials", but the work was created without any specifications and/or influence by the company. Pujan Shakupa visually documents the process of creating and making of the work, as well as the reactions of the visitors at the event.
The analogies of the work to the philosophy of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory, the company behind Le Manoir Art, are: Dr. med. Peter Kessler, the inventor of Le Manoir skin care products, uses only a few substances in these products so that the skin can concentrate on its very own regeneration process and can stay pure and natural - that is the essence, that is true luxury. Kristiane Kegelmann interprets true luxury as each person's concentration on themselves and the unfolding of their individuality: when reaching for the edible chocolates integrated in her work, visitors cannot help but look up and look into a mirror mounted on the ceiling. They are confronted with their own image.

Kristiane Kegelmann's artistic craft also draws a parallel to the craft of cream making: the edible elements are made from a harmonious composition of ingredients while each praline has a different individual main note. 

The cooperation was prepared by us textually and visually on the websites of Le Manoir Manufaktory and Art Section Le Manoir Art, sequences of the creation of the work were also incorporated into the image film of Le Manoir Crememanufaktur. The project offers exciting content and visuals and offers visitors of the website a deeper and more exceptional access to the Le Manoir brand.

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