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Hi, I am Katharina Arimont

A warm welcome to my website. I am a Freelance Design Strategist, Innovation Developer-Manager-Consultant, Creative Concepter, Researcher, Texter and Art Curator. Happy to connect & exchange with inspiring people; always looking for new challenges. Born as a typical "why" and "why not" thinker, I've always loved to question conventional thinking, challenge familiar processes and seek out new trends. I've always been curious about the world without thinking in terms of boundaries and I have retained this original view being emphatic, goal-oriented, with strong communication and empathetic skills as well as the talent to create/manage innovation handling the walk on a tight rope strategic guidance and creative freedom incorporating business and the arts into one unity that enhance each other.

Creativity & Innovation - Services

I offer Freelance Services in the field of Creativity & Innovation - Ideas & Strategy. You can hire me for creative strategic project design, for innovation development and consulting, as a sparring partner for ideas & strategy, as a speaker for events as well as for moderation of workshops like design thinking and any kind of creative session, for project coordination services (I love interface positions) and for outstanding, individual designed corporate art projects with art in strategy®, creating entrepreneurial value and taking on corporate social responsability. For the development of ideas I draw a lot of inspiration from art as a mirror of our society. This allows me to look at things from unusual perspectives. I bring the role of an art curator into the economic context to uncover things that can trigger something profitable for the economy: like connectivity in the sense of being able to persuade, the recognition of business possibilities in general, opening-up consumer segments, opening-up product ideas.​​​​ I find it fascinating to combine business and art into a unity that enriches each other, learns from each other and thus creates a basis from which completely new and authentic things can emerge. But not everything I do and offer has to do with art per se. Art is a vehicle for me, a source for creativity for the way I work and what makes me unique is my way of thinking not only always outside the box and differently about the box itself. So when you want to have a perspective change of your current state of work, another angle of view besides classical strategy consulting, imaginative ideas, I am happy to open up entrenched structures and help you see possibilities, shape creativity and transfer it into innovation, ignite the necessary spark and use it strategically to set your project and/or company apart from others. I create smART solutions for demanding customers taking creativity to disruptive levels. My service locates a company in unexpected ways in an increasingly volatile world. It transforms selling of products and services to community building and increasing customer locality.

Business & arts - my drive

My passion for innovation and for harnessing creative forces for business processes has led me to occupy the interface between creativity and business in a variety of ways, both in theory and in practice, and to produce user-centered products of many different kinds: from exhibition curation/ workshop conception for different target groups in museums/ trade fair concepts for galleries, to the strategic and creative development of companies, as well as activities in the areas of innovation & technology development and consulting for a major corporation. My career moves a lot in the field of art, my activities and contents in turn always in the areas of innovative thinking and strategy - for example in the mechanisms of the art market regarding the profitability of a gallery or already in my studies of philosophy diving deep in the spheres of logic as well as at the studies at École du Louvre, which I completed with a consulting project for Le Laboratoire Paris/ Art Science Lab Cambridge. And also, to name further examples: the brand building and the user-centered development of new product ranges/ distribution channels companies, the strategic development of business ideas outside core business, tech and user research as a Innovation & Technology Consultant, gave and give me pleasure. 

Holistic value creation

"L'art pour l'art" was and is never what attracts(ed) me. It is rather the power of art and creativity as a vehicle, as a mirror of society and the curiosity/interest for so many different topics that determined my path and always let me bundle activities to react solution-oriented - in all relevant areas. I like to analyze existing things getting to their bottom. I find it exciting to achieve (corporate) added value as a whole through holistic analysis and innovative optimization of individual components - in the most diverse contexts for different industries. I like the interdisciplinary approach and the challenge to combine different aspects, to occupy interfaces between innovation department and marketing, between communication and technology, etc., in order to create strategic symbioses, extraordinary and sustainable solutions - for companies, organisations, individual people. And also to rent content, close and authentic, so that reading and the experiencing it is not only fun, but also a lasting pleasure - even, for example, when it comes to content that is dry for a certain target group or to advertising. And I love learning and applying new things. 

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