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Katharina Arimont

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Creativity I Strategy


I have been working in the fields of art and business for almost 15 years, building a bridge between these two worlds. 


In the art world, I curate exhibitions, with my own pop-up gallery concept, Galerie Arimont, both independently and as part of corporate art engagements. 


In business, I focus on strategic brand building, business and product innovation, communication strategies and change processes. 


With my own approach, which I call art in strategy®, I further connect art and business by incorporating the inherently user-centered perspective of artists in the development of innovations (marketing, business, products) and increasing entrepreneurial value creation through various art projects.


My multifaceted way of thinking and working is based on a broad aca-demic background: art history and philosophy in Heidelberg and muse-ology at the Louvre in Paris. Certifications in digital transformation and business development as well as professional experience in various areas round off my profile. Like Steve Job once said: "It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing."

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