art in strategy®

Game Changer in marketing

Valuable brand experiences 
due to extraordinary visualizations


Artistic independence, integrated 
into a holistic marketing concept

art in strategy®

Patronage meets exchange of service


Outstanding content creation

with simultaneous entrepreneurial commitment

"It has always been my mission not to put art in a "glass box",

but to show it outside museums

and to create projects

that make art

accessible to everyone

in as many places as possible." 

With art in strategy® 

always thinking crossover​
I also conceive and curate exhibitions and some artworks created within the framework of art in strategy
® are exhibited, e.g. the shortfilm 
"Le visage que tu mérite"

in Ludwig Museum Koblenz

Besides art in strategy® 

I conceive creative material like broschüres, Imagefilms, websites and photo shootings als well as textwriting and you can also book me for lectures and speeches