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Katharina Arimont

In a Nutshell

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Welcome to my website. I am a freelance Creativity & Innovation Consultant / Concepter / Art Curator intertwining art, philosophy, economy and new technologies for innovation services in the creative and strategy area - single freelance as well as with art in strategy® and Galerie Arimont.

Born as a typical "why" and "why not" thinker, I have always loved to challenge conventional thinking, question familiar processes and seek out new trends. And I have always been curious about the world without thinking in terms of boundaries. This original view I have retained. Observing what exists, getting to the bottom of things, is what I find exciting and to achieve (entrepreneurial) added value as a whole through holistic analysis and innovative optimization of individual components - in the most diverse contexts for different sectors. 

A high learning ability enables me to efficiently and effectively familiarize myself with new, complex topics of various kinds.
My career has given me a wide range of experience in complex structures and cross-functional coordination, and my ability to think ahead allows me to efficiently assess when and why something has potential, how this potential can be strengthened and successfully implemented.


My service locates a company in an unexpected way in an increasingly volatile world and creates value through strategic, creative thinking and innovation consulting in various business areas and their interfaces.

You are welcome to view selected examples of my work in my portfolio.

I look forward to exchange with inspiring people and am always on the lookout for new challenges. 

Curious what I can do for you?

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