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Katharina Arimont

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Creativity I Strategy


I have been working in the art and economy for about 15 years. My work strengthens the central value creation and future viability of companies, organizations, institutions and overarching initiatives. I also build a bridge between the art and business sector. 

I manage strategic branding and marketing, develop communication strategies and products as well as ideas that go beyond core business models. I also support change processes. In doing so, I ask the essential questions: Who else could a company be? What could it offer? And how could it operate? My work focuses on exploring and developing these visionary concepts and, if desired, turning them into reality. My aim is to recognize a company's potential in order to transform it and adapt it to the ever-changing needs of its customers. This innovative approach enables companies to go beyond their conventional boundaries and position themselves as pioneers for the future of their industry.


In the art world, I curate exhibitions - as independent curator, with Galerie Arimont and as part of overarching initiatives. I unfold artistic and philo-sophical aspects and strategically consider the combination of creative freedom, innovative ideas, new technologies and economic feasibility.


With my art in strategy® approach, I interlink art and business on a fur-ther level. I design and realize individual art projects for companies as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy. I also incorporate the inherently user-centered perspective of artists into the development of innovations and increase added value in areas such as image, marketing and product innovation.

My multifaceted way of thinking and working is based on a broad aca-demic background: art history and philosophy in Heidelberg and muse-ology at the Louvre in Paris. Certifications in digital transformation and business development as well as versatile professional experience in various areas round off my profile. 

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