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7 Elements

Cinematic visualization

of seven brand characteristics


Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-13 um
Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-13 um

We abstracted seven characteristics of Le Manoir skin care/ it's products and visualized each characteristic in a short clip: "Tradition", "Individuality", "Concentrated", "Purity", "Medical", "Formula Individualis", "Exceptional". All clips are handmade by the creative duo Stark & Shakupa, realized without computer animation and thus also reflect the approach of Dr. med. Peter Kessler of an authentic skin care focused on the essentials. 

The video above shows the visualized keyword "Individuality".
Turn sound on and watch - each of the "7 Elements" videos is accompanied by an individually composed sound design, click below.

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7 Elemente: Short clips on brand identity

+ video photographs

Online advertising, youtube,
instagram - commercials for products and brand identity

materials for distribution - banners, display

at press and sales events 


Image brochures, flyers, 

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The clips play with the expectations of the viewers, especially the clip on the keyword "individuality". It is not a clip of laughing people with individual faces, which is often seen in commercial advertising for skin care products. The clip shows a handmade ceramic artwork made by the artist Dirk Aleksic. With its 'imperfect' surface, the ceramic artwork represents individual beauty and mirrors the philosophy of the founder of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory: always in search of the extraordinary, Dr. Kessler develops his Le Manoir skin care with the understanding, that every person and every skin is unique. Thus, in addition to a custom-made cream - the Formula Individualis - an individualised care and cleansing series for different skin types is also offered by Le Manoir. 

The clip for the keyword "Tradition" sets the scene for the "Red Le Manoir diamond shape". It was developed by product designer Christian von der Heide: Its shape is based on the pattern on the door of the Le Manoir country manor, the headquarter of the Le Manoir cream manufactory. The red colour of the diamond shape is reminiscent of the colour of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany and symbolizes the pharmaceutical quality of Le Manoir skin care. In the video clip "Tradition" by Stark & Shakupa, red-transparent glass plates are stacked on top of each other by two hands in such a way that they show the "Red Le Manoir diamond shape" in its entirety. The clip thus refers to the tradition of "focusing on the essentials" at the country manor, a place where monks lived in earlier times. Furthermore, it refers to the hand-tested, pharmaceutical quality of Le Manoir skin care. 

The purpose of the "7 elements" is to make the core aspects of the brand visible, thus providing a recognizable red thread to the brand identity. In addition to the seven short clips, the artists also took photographs of the "7 Elements" so that the brand can use could use them in high quality. The seven videos were shown at the Le Manoir press launch; shown on the website, with explanatory text paragraphs; sequences of them placed as online advertisements; video photographs were incorporated into image brochures and sales material. The clips also enriched the exhibition stand of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory at Fashion Week Berlin, January 2020. 

The visual and content-related abstraction makes the "7 Elements" particularly exciting for online advertising; we placed them as advertisements in the feeds and story section of Instagram stories of potential customers. For this type of advertising, the challenge is to capture the attention of the viewer in a fraction of a second and thus to draw attention to the company. Abstraction arouses curiosity, curiosity in turn arouses the need to learn more about the brand Le Manoir and to visit their website. 
Our concept also includes the printing of postcards with visually aesthetic motifs as give aways for Le Manoir customers or for distribution at various postcard delivery points. 

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