We use the power of art at the interface between art and business to increase entrepreneurial value creation. Therefore we conceive and realize holistic projects between marketing cooperation and art sponsoring.

With our passion for innovation, we harness creative forces for business processes that occupy the interface between art and business in a variety of ways. Your organization company gets a competitive advantage through differentiation and at the same time is socially committed through art sponsorship. Artists think holistically, they think through processes in often unconventional ways; they are professionals in making new beginnings and very sensitive to social developments. By strategically linking artistic processes to your corporate world and using the unique power of art, we provide innovative impulses and enable disruptive experiences between analog and digital, human and technology, creativity and strategy in the environment of our digitally transforming world.

In our fast-moving and competitive times, it is more important, but also more difficult than ever, to stand out as a company.

Classic advertising measures lose their impact due to overstimulation. To stand out from the crowd, you need that certain something. It needs unusual content that is perceived and makes a lasting impression on the viewer's memory attention and sustainability.

At the same time, society demands that companies assume social responsibility, such as commitment through art sponsorship.

Classic art sponsorship strengthens the corporate image, but does not create individual content tailored to the company. Art sponsoring must also move with the times.

art in strategy® revolutionizes art sponsoring for individual content that can be used in marketing.

Innovation-promoting, individual, flexible. As a (temporary) corporate creative lab with interdisciplinary teams of design strategists, artists, curators and specialists, assembled as needed for each project, we are your efficient and competent partner. Extraordinary content for your corporate communication & innovative input for your brand development.