Katharina Arimont

Art historian and Design Strategist

Behind art in strategy® it's me, Katharina Arimont. 

​I studied history of arts and philosophy at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg (GER) and the Université Lyon II (FRA) as well as museology at the École du Louvre in Paris (FRA). 


I love the challenge of taking on an interface function and have always looked for symbioses of the art and the business side in projects - whether during my museum, gallery and economy jobs. To see problems, to uncover them and to recognize possibilities and chances to find solutions is what I heart. To create added value for all involved.


Creativity and System thinking
Erfinderisches Denken, strukturiertes Tun Rational und deduktiv wird ergänzt mit Designer thnkng Denkstil


Hier Fokus Geldgeber Umdrehen … with commercial enterprises …. and artist 
I am passionate about working with artists and creating symbioses with commercial enterprises to show art to society in as many places as possible and to convey content in an exciting way and also implement it strategically for economic goals. Through my previous work in the museum, gallery and business sectors and through my studies at the École du Louvre, Paris, I have been able to build up an international network of contacts. I think intuitively strategically, am communicative and persuasive and have the ability to implement projects in a structured and goal-oriented manner and to keep an eye on overall structures.


I you like you can learn more about my career and my background.