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The installation by the Korean artist SEO (*1977) "Das Gefühl in meinem Innern" (The Feeling Deep Inside) forms the focus of the exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz, which was curated in 2015 by Katharina Arimont during the time of her two year employment at Ludwig Museum coblend


Four bells fill the exhibition room of "Das Gefühl in meinem Innern" (The Feeling Deep Inside) at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz; a warm sound is heard at regular intervals. The bells reflect silver wall sculptures that look like silhouettes. On the wall is a quotation from Novalis (1772-1801):


The seat of the soul is where the inner world and outer world touch each other, where they penetrate each other. 
It is at every point of penetration. 
We must seek to create an inner world. 
The mysterious path leads inwards.

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue of the same name with a text contribution by Prof. Beate Reifenscheid and Katharina Arimont.

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The exhibition "Innehalten" (pause) intervened in the museum's collection with works by an equally Korean artist - Kejoo Park - and connected her works to the works in the collection; her work entitled "Fall" was hanging on the wall not far from the painting Peinture, 14th Century. April (1953) by Pierre Soulage, and the latest works in her series "Windows and Mirrows" that interact with the plexiglass room object "Cadre decadré" (2006) by Daniel Buren.
Since her early artistic approaches, Kejoo Park has painted in the style of the informal, expressing inner feelings without striving for composition in the pictures. In her series "Innehalten" (Pause), which she has been creating since 2013, she further develops the theme of inner expression, dealing with the "I" in its context. Nature and the big city are important points of reference for the Korean artist, architect and landscape architect.