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Unique to art in strategy® 

1/5 Using abstraction


Using contextual and visual abstraction is the first unique to our approach. Abstraction plays with the expectations of the viewers in an exiting way to open up a more differentiated level of perception than concrete communication.


The unpredictable, the direct and at the same time the strange raises curiosity, captures attention.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-13 um


Abstracting "Tradition"

2/5 Artistic independence


Interacting with artistic independence provides thought-provoking impulses and creates exciting content: Through art new target groups can be reached by showing the works in other contexts and realms in which the company usually does not present itself (e.g. in a museum). Furthermore this opens a new aspects about the company that may be interesting for the press and worth reporting about.



Artistic Independence

3/5 Playing with the unexpected


We play with the unexpected to convey content in an unusual and sustainable way, e.g. working with unusual art forms. If one experience things and is unexpectedly surprised by it, that experienced is anchored more profoundly in the memory than just reading information about a topic.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-23 um


Playing with the unexpected

4/5 Using art as a mirror of society


We use art to mirror the needs of society. 
When artists interpret corporate themes, both marketing and socially relevant content is created. It is always important to offer (potential) customers authentic added value in advertising. Even if this added value cannot be consciously categorized immediately, advertising content is better perceived this way. 

Art opens up this scope. 

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-15 um


Art as a mirror of society

5/5 Combining Creativity with strategy


We combine creativity with strategy leading to added value in Marketing. I conceive and produce with art in strategy® always art content in the framework of a holistic marketing strategy. 

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Creativity with Strategy

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