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Creative Direction II

Imagefotos for Le Manoir Skincare

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-05 um

A French actress had severe skin irritations, the dermatologist Dr. Peter Kessler was able to heal her skin with a cream tailor made by him. Since then, the manufactory and its founder have been closely connected to the creative world of film and art. As a location for the shooting of the first Le Manoir image photos, I therefore chose a place that reflects the origins of the brand and at the same time, with its unique architecture, gives the shots an unmistakable character: the former Delphi silent cinema in Berlin. It is a breathtaking relic of the 1920s - this is where Marlene Dietrich began her career with "Tragedy of Love" (1923). Today, the interior of the Delphi is largely preserved as it was built. The patina still shimmers in rust red gold and is reminiscent of the glamorous twenties. 
I also emphasized the "film character" of this shooting in the aesthetics of the shots - some of them seem like film stills. 


My team at the creative direction of this shoot: Senior Art Director der Marke Le Manoir Christian von der Heide, Fotograf: Martin Scriba, Models: Helen Schoormans, Marine Saez, Julia Opitz, Torben Geeck, Stylistin: Ileen Schlotmann, Haare & Make-up: Johanna Vollmer, Photo retusching: Josh Terlinden​​

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