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Our approach

Transformative approach
engaging corporations to the arts
creating entrepreneurial value


At art in strategy®, we believe in a holistic approach in innovation creation, which means literally every aspect of creation is coming to the table, especially artistic activity, which by nature not readily needs to pursue a purpose other than being appreciated for what it is - and if brought to the realm of innovation, opens up wider perspectives as to the real needs of things. Art itself we see a creative process that is principally governed by its own independent rules and approaches, while at the same time being part of the art project in process, having the ability to thrive independently from it within, and not merely used as an instrument. 

What began in 2017 with projects on corporate image/communication and marketing has now been extended to other corporate intersections with regards to enhance the product innovation area. Through the strategic use of art, art in strategy® creates unusual perspective-changes and perspectives with a magnified focal bandwidth, which allows us to detect and reflect actual needs and wants in society.

With art in strategy® we bring the role of the curator from the art context into the economic system in order to work with this new intertwining of all other core art in strategy® activity-aspects such as conception as well as consulting to the interconnectivity between art and business trying to open-up new spaces in which art and business can interact in such a way that it has an impact on the company: it can manage communication much more appropriately in view of the increasingly complex world with new innovative solutions in all areas and in a time in which society expects, more than ever, from a company to also engage socially. The direct benefit for companies can be, for example, the opening of new product ideas and customer segments, etc.

Always engaged in probing into a specific company-relevant topic, art in strategy® asks questions about, as the artists involved are at the onset to reveal the yet-to-be-revealed, and thus art in strategy® brings artistic activity into a holistic strategy, drawing innovation-promoting impulses for business development, marketing, corporate communication, product development from it. art in strategy® positions itself agilely and flexibly at many interfaces, in and between the individual company departments, and curates this overall process, creating the process at many different points and consults on how what can be used and what can be done with it.

Curation with regards to that activity being employed by art in strategy®, means making a topic visible at different points and places, and being able to influence the path in which it is visible. Curation in the sense of art in strategy® both means „to select“, and „to form“ - Running it like a red thread and knotting that thread in different places somehow, letting it grow and evolve.

The role of the curator from the traditional context of a museum/large gallery to the borderline between art and business, opens up new spaces in which art and business can move in such a way that this has an impact, by means of what the company has the ability and can control to form more cohesive and connectable communication in view of the increasingly complex world in which innovation is needed, but in which customers are also increasingly critical of the social role of a company, and committing fully to it.​​

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