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Flow and outcome

Out of an analysis comes a hypothesis which in turn connecting business with arts turns into
a unique hands-on approach not only
to solve problems, yet create a flow that brings
about real change and thus tangible outcome


In an initial conversation, we look at a business‘s corporate identity and jointly determine the needs and goals of corporate development. We talk with you about the nucleus of your brand, in which the performance of your company is combined with its values. We also talk about your innovation goals. Then we dive deeper:


We look at the given touchpoints of your corporate communication and think about new possibilities, as well as a possible strategic preparation of the content. We look at your corporate philosophy, vision, mission, guiding principles, differentiators, values, product/service specifications or a unique selling point in the manufacturing process, as well as current issues affecting your business and how you handle them. Then we develop initial ideas, select the specialists and artists who fit a project for your company, and give you an initial idea of how we envision enhancing your corporate presence, communication and innovation through art. Depending on your needs/wants and possibilities it can be a real exhibition in the space of your company like an intervention, it can be an exhibition in a rented space or in cooperation with a cultural institution; it can be a public intervention, it can be videos/content just online or ideas/concepts that we give you as a result of thinking all trough. 

We closely work with the artist, observing how they approach the subject and using the productive process of their exceptional artistic approach to gain new perspectives, mindsets and solutions that can be used to develop business innovation in all corporate departments. We utilize the artistic, physical-visual results that arise on the topic (i.e. sketches, photographs of the process and the finished artwork or finished works) in line with the brand strategy at various points in the concept. 

In short: We design a holistic project for you that provides the artists space to create added value that can be used in marketing, corporate communication and business innovation creation within a holistic framework and strategically use artistic activity and results at touchpoints that are relevant to you.

So what exactly might your art in strategy® project look like?

It is always different.
Always individually designed.

Always valuable.

So immerse in the purposeful uncertainty, in the feeling of creative overkill, in the moment when inspiration flows through one and in the challenge as it works inside one. For a second, it feels like anything is possible. And sometimes it is. Engaging in that feeling is like releasing an inflated, unknotted balloon - unpredictable, fast and always with the uncertainty of where it will end up, in unusual places, bringing unusual things into view and following on from them. 

Every project is individual, 
let's talk about yours

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