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Service & value

For private persons

Consulting in creative strategic thinking - learn how to unfold your creatitity

I work for companys, agencys, foundations, museums, galleries, artists, collector....

I offer corporate projects solving business challenges through art, unique corporate communication, creative concepts and creative direction, exhibition curation, speaches, lectures, texting...

​Applying the design strategist thinking on all my projects to discover and unfold potential my service provides various value. Based on my experience from my studies of art history/philosophy in Heidelberg/Lyon and muséology with focus on marketing and mediation at the École du Louvre as well as my professional experience in museums, galleries and commercial enterprises and my strategic and creative way of thinking.

For agencys

Whether creative-strategic branding or -rebranding / image enhancement or image change / drawing attention to certain unique features of your company like it's values or special features of it‘s services, products or production process...
-  I will figure your vision, discover your needs and develop a strategy that leads to art projects integrated in an holistic branding concept and gives artists the space to create. 


All the creations are in one line with what you need - that can be creative concepts for product launches, exiting content for instagram, websites, brochures, (online-)events/ exhibitions, product launches/ press releases and more.

With art in strategy® you have a competitive advantage in the market through differentiation and engage

simultaneously socially by funding art. 

For agencys

As a freelancer I support agencies with concepts, texts, and another ancle of view with a lot of art ideas. 

For cultural institutions

I offer exhibition curation, production of marketing material (such as Films on exhibitions, interviews etc), moderation of art events and artist talks, development of extraordinary exhibition themes with a contemporary spirit, consulting for optimizing the structure of the museum (personnel, departments, communication, procedures and processes), scenography and mediation concepts for exhibitions, establishing contacts with artists and much more. 

For artists & designers

Contacts for projects, texts about art, speeches,

exhibition curation

For collectors

Contacts for projects, texts about art, speeches,

exhibition curation

For everybode interessted


Let's get in touch

for your unique

project. Looking forward!

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