Strategic value

Services & value for different type of clients

of art in strategy® - unique projects with additional value and cross over symbioses.

I work for:
Companys, agencys, foundations, museums, galleries, artists, collector....

I offer:

Corporate projects solving business challenges through art, unique corporate communication, creative concepts and creative direction, exhibition curation, speaches, lectures, texting...

​I apply the design strategist thinking on all my projects to discover and unfold potential and value...

For companys

Solving business challenges through art in strategy and get exiting content

For museums & cultural institutions

Consulting for Marketing, Exhibition Curation, Szenographie and mediaton concepts

For agencies

Freelance support for development of concepts, strategy, text, content production

For artists & designers

Contacts for projects, texts about art, speeches,

exhibition curation

For collectors

Contact for projects,

exhibition curating, writing about the art, interviews

For private persons

Consulting in creative strategic thinking - learn how to unfold your creatitity

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project. Looking forward!