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Strategic value with art

of art in strategy® - unique projects with additional value and cross over symbioses.

I work for:
Companys, foundations, museums, galleries, artists

I offer:

Unique corporate communication, creative direction, exhibition curation, speaches, lectures, texting

​Beeing xy and xy my experience in and y read more about me here... Your additional value with art in strategy®. Nkciht nur sponsoring, sondern was neues, imagetransfer... neuer blickwinkel, mal was anderes 
Unfold the potential in it's best...


Ob kreativ-strategisches Branding, Imagesteigerung und -verändern, kreative Konzepte für Produktlaunches, auf bestimme Uniques ihres Unternehme aufmerksam machen z.B. auf ihre Werte oder Besonderheiten Ihrer Produkte und deren Herstellungsprozess, gemeinsam mit verschiedenen Künstler, Designer und weiteren Spezialisten I Design Art Projekts to solve Business Challenges through art and Design Thoughts that companies and artists can enrich each other through extraordinary art projects and intertwine with each other. Artists think holistically, they think processes in a different way. Working with them is exciting and the process of creating a work of art can also provide insight into their way of thinking, which in turn can be interesting for companies in terms of e.g. brand development. Artists are professionals in new beginnings, very sensitive to social developments - social changes can be read off them like a seismograph.
We will figure your vision, discover your needs, develop a strategy and design art projects always having reason of existence integrated in the holistic strategy leading to exiting content for websites, brochures, (online-)events/ exhibitions, product launches, press releases with an simultaneously funding of artists and space for artistic thinking.

For companys e.g. I conceive and produce sophisticated content with artists on corporate relevant topics generates a win-win situation for both the economic and the artistic side and to create innovation and a competitive advantage in the market through differentiation. I connect the increase of the company's sympathy factor through patronage of the arts and at the same time gives space for artistic freedom related to corporate topics: Artists receiving the opportunity to create profound works within the framework of a individual corporate concept. The artistic results are strategically prepared (e.g. digitised) and used within the framework of a holistic communication strategy (e.g. on websites, in brochures and exhibitions). The company is consulted in their business development, receives unique content and at the same time shows social commitment by working with artists. Furthermore I write Creative Concepts for Shootings, Product Presentations, I do Creative Direction, commercial visuals, texting, exibition curation, speeches for galleries, museums and agencies - always in a creative as well as strategic way of thinking. With art in strategy® artists are given freedom within their artistic activity. At the same time, artistic activity is channelled in the direction that is important in terms of the overall goal. The artistic contents are strategically molded, the abstract is supplemented by concrete explanations to emphasize the corporate context and the end results are used creatively and strategically at various touchpoints (online and offline)



Are you an agency and eed support als freelance 


For Text, for concept creative propose, for brand strategy consulting, for product launches. Das, as ich für firmen biete, damit kann inc auch agenturen untersztüten. 




Are you a cultural institution (profit or nonprofit and 




Are you an artist and auf der search nach 




Much is possible. I never do just one thing, but always associate an added value.




you are blocked in … x?


Consulting Learn how to design thinking at your job,get a boost of creativity 

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