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I take on the function of a (temporary) creative lab for you, where I bring ideas to life, interpret company-related topics with artists and open up a space for innovative reflection and thus a different perspective through art. Artists think holistically, they think through processes in often unconventional ways; they are professionals in making new beginnings and very sensitive to social developments. By connecting such artistic processes with the corporate world, I create both exciting content and new impulses for my clients' brand development. 

Wether Creative-strategic branding or re-branding, image improvement or image change, drawing attention to certain unique selling points of your company, such as its values or special features of its services, it's products, it's production process:

We provide a win-win situation for both the economy and the arts

With art in strategy® your company gets a competitive advantage through differentiation and at the same time is socially committed through art sponsorship: Artists are given the opportunity to create profound works within the framework of an individual corporate concept. The artistic results are strategically prepared by me (e.g. digitalized) and used within the framework of a holistic communication strategy (e.g. on websites, in brochures and exhibitions). All creations are in line with what you need.

In six steps to your art in strategy®
1. Determination of company visualization topics analogues to the corporate needs and goals

2. Choice of artists and idea development 

3. Structuring artistic activity into the overall strategy

4. Choice of company communication touchpoints and strategic preparation of the content (digitalization, supplementary texts etc.)

5. Content implementation at the selected touchpoints

6. Concluding summary of the innovative impulses for your brand

Possible corporate topics to visualize

  • Your corporate philosophy, your mission, your core, your distinguishing principles, your values

  • Specifications of your products/ services or a special feature in the manufacturing process

  • Current topics that affect the company and how they are managed

Implementation of the Content
Exemplary formats for my creative concepts - depending on the form of the artwork(s)

  • Website (and landingpages)

  • Broschuren, flyer, postcards

  • Exhibitions, public interventions

  • Product launches

  • Advertising (Online und offline)

  • Advertorials (editorial articles)

  • Events (inklusive online events)

Unique to 

art in strategy® visualizations

1/5 Using abstraction


Using contextual and visual abstraction is the first unique to our approach. Abstraction plays with the expectations of the viewers in an exiting way to open up a more differentiated level of perception than concrete communication.


The unpredictable, the direct and at the same time the strange raises curiosity, captures attention.

Example: Abstracting "Tradition"

Project: "7 Elements"
Client: Le Manoir Cream Manufactory
Topic: Seven brand characteristics, including "Tradition"
Visualization: Videoclips & photos
Artists: Stark & Shakupa

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-13 um 03.22.20.pn

Storyline of the videoclip "Tradition"

Red-transparent glass plates are piled up by several hands until a red diamond shape is shown in its entirety...

Corporate Connection of the Visualization "Tradition"

The red shape is the company’s symbol for pharmaceutical quality. The shapes form is taken from the wooden door pattern of the company’s headquarter, a country manor that anchors the company’s philosophy of focusing on the essentials in a long tradition (e.g. monchs lived in the manor earlier).

2/5 Artistic independence


Interactinh with artistic independence provides thought-provoking impulses and creates exciting content: Through art new target groups can be reached by showing the works in other contexts and realms in which the company usually does not present itself (e.g. in a museum). Furthermore this opens a new aspects about the company that may be interesting for the press and worth reporting about.

Example: Interacting with artistic independence

Project: "Le visage que tu mérites" (The face you deserve)
Client: Dr. med. Peter Kessler, Aesthetic dermatologist
Topic: Film project related to the client's profession
Visualization: Short film (4 minutes)
Artist: Cyril Schäublin

Storyline of "Le visage que tu mérites"

A mirror is mounted in the elevator of a large metro station. Passengers switch between the different platforms. For a fleeting moment they are alone with themselves and their mirror image...


Corporate Connection of "Le visage que tu mérites"

The film was shown in an exhibition entitled "Face it! Who do you want to be?" Curated by art in strategy® the client challenges himself and his medical philosophy as an aesthetic dermatologist with artistic independence: Film and exhibition topic raise interesting questions on the clients work field of aesthetic treatments that makes the beautiful even more beautiful. Thus, substantial and authentic content is created. 

3/5 Playing with the unexpected


We play with the unexpected to convey content in an unusual and sustainable way, e.g. working with unusual art forms. If one experience things and is unexpectedly surprised by it, that experienced is anchored more profoundly in the memory than just reading information about a topic.

Example: Playing with the unexpected

Project: „7 Elemente“
Client: Le Manoir Cream Manufactory
Topic: Artwork regarding special features of Manoir products
Visualization: Interaktive sculpture
Artist: Kristiane Kegelmann

About the artwork "a ≡ a (Identity)"

The interactive sculpture "a ≡ a (identity)" consists of edible elements and a reflecting water basin attached to the ceiling.

When reaching for edible elements, one cannot avoid looking up and seeing oneself reflected in it, acting in the room...

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-23 um 14.25.16.pn


Corporate connection of of "a ≡ a (Identity)"

Inspired by the company's philosophy "True luxury focuses on the essentials", the artist interprets true luxury as the unfolding of one's own individuality. 
Analogous to the company's approach of fulfilling individual skin needs with individual creams, in which one skin ingredient dominates in each case, the artist conceives each edible element with one dominant main ingredient. 
A supplementary text introduces the visitors to the topic and the corporate context. The event was documented on film and the artist was interviewed about her approach. 

4/5 Using art as a mirror of society


We use art to mirror the needs of society. 
When artists interpret corporate themes, both marketing and socially relevant content is created. It is always important to offer (potential) customers authentic added value in advertising. Even if this added value cannot be consciously categorized immediately, advertising content is better perceived this way. 

Art opens up this scope. 

Example: Art as a mirror of society in advertising

Project: "Rebirth"
Client: Le Manoir Cream Manufactory
Topic: Interpretation of the corporate philosophy 
Visualization Short film (20 minutes) 
Artist: Artistduo Revel

Storyline of "Rebirth"

"What kind of luxury are we looking for if we want to be happy?" The young art director Pauline lives in luxury, but isn’t actually happy. When she becomes aware of this, she questions her existence and undergoes an inner change...

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-15 um 12.38.06.pn

Corporate connection of "Rebirth"

"Rebirth is shown at corporate events and film festivals. Selected film scenes were combined with product photos/ information and used in advertising. 
The film centers around the question posed to the two artists 
"What does true luxury mean to you?" - analogous to the company's philosophy "True luxury concentrates on the essentials". The two artists indirectly pass this question on to the viewers of the film. This kind of marketing material not only generates attention, it also has the power to emotionalize potential costumers and create authentic buying incentives. 

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-21 um 13.21.31.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-13 um 02.53.16.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-13 um 02.51.21.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-11 um 00.56.37.pn

5/5 Combining Creativity with strategy


We combine creativity with strategy leading to added value in Marketing. I conceive and produce with art in strategy® always art content in the framework of a holistic marketing strategy. 

Combining creativity with strategy

With art in strategy® artists are given freedom within their artistic activity. At the same time, artistic activity is channelled in the direction that is important in terms of the overall goal. The artistic contents are strategically molded, the abstract is supplemented by concrete explanations to emphasize the corporate context and the end results are used creatively and strategically at various touchpoints (online and offline)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-15 um 15.24.44.pn
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-15 um 15.25.52.pn

Now you have a glimpse

of our approach. 

I look forward

to realizing your individual 

art in strategy®