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Creative Lab

art in strategy®

Your Creative Lab 

for innovative corporate

solutions and unique media


We transform company

relevant topics through unique

art projects into

exciting brand experiences


Artists get an opportunity to create

and in return

your company receives unique media

and innovative impulses for your brand development

Wether for Creative-strategic branding or re-branding, image improvement or image change, drawing attention to certain unique selling points of your company such as its values or special features of its services, it's products, it's production process - art in strategy® provides added value.


We create discruptive brand experiences via Innovation Thinking. Taking on a function of a (temporary) creative lab for you we figure out your needs and bring ideas to life interpreting company-related topics together with artists to open up a space for innovative reflection and thus a different perspective through art. Artists think holistically, they think through processes in often unconventional ways; they are professionals in making new beginnings and very sensitive to social developments. By connecting such artistic processes strategically with the corporate world, we create both exciting content and innovative impulses for our clients' brand development. 

It's a win-win situation for both the economy and the arts. With art in strategy® your company gets a competitive advantage through differentiation and at the same time is socially committed through art sponsorship by giving artists the opportunity to create profound works as part of a holistic corporate concept.

Possible corporate topics to work on

  • Your corporate philosophy, your mission, your core, your distinguishing principles, your values

  • Specifications of your products/ services or a special feature in the manufacturing process

  • Current topics that affect the company and how they are managed

Possible placements of the content
- depending on the form of the artwork(s)

  • Website 

  • Broschuren, flyer, postcards

  • Exhibitions, public interventions

  • Product launches

  • Advertising (Online und offline)

  • Advertorials (editorial articles)

  • Events (inklusive online events)

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