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Design Thinking Strategy, 
exiting art projects & high class visualizations 
with additional value 
for companies

and organizations in the private, public,
and not-for-profit sectors.

Design Thinking Strategy, exiting art projects & high class visualizations with additional value for companies and organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.Art historian meets business sector & patronage of art meets exchange of service: cross over content on websites, brochures, (online-)events/ exhibitions, product launches, press releases with an simultaneously funding of artists and space for artistic thinking.
With art in strategy®, I, Katharina Arimont create projects in various fields of creativity and strategy for different clients. For companys e.g. I conceive and produce sophisticated content with artists on corporate relevant topics generates a win-win situation for both the economic and the artistic side. I connect the increase of the company's sympathy factor through patronage of the arts and at the same time gives space for artistic freedom related to corporate topics: Artists receiving the opportunity to create profound works within the framework of a individual corporate concept. The artistic results are strategically prepared (e.g. digitised) and used within the framework of a holistic communication strategy (e.g. on websites, in brochures and exhibitions). The company receives unique content and at the same time shows social commitment by working with artists. Furthermore I write Creative Concepts for Shootings, Product Presentations, I do Creative Direction, commercial visuals, texting, exibition curation, speeches for galleries, museums and agencies - always in a creative as well as strategic way of thinking. 

Why hiring me? 

I create the xyxyxy

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