Welcome to art in strategy®.

We are a team of creative and strategic minds. Our mission is conceiving and realizing projects at the interface of art and business that create value - for companies, agencies, collectors and (cultural) organizations from the private, public and non-profit sector. It's about innovation and create room for art in places you dont expect, using the power of art for innovation and with its discruptive character content creation. 


Every organization hast to keep of with the Digital Transformation due the implementation of technologies and its shift is happening rapidly. changes and challenges. Thenew processes has to be esta and there are so many interfaces to handle and to fill. Content is more and more data based, human feels lost, reizüberflütung findet statt

to discover and unfold the real brand values, to provide experiences with human feeling, to ground relevant content 


art in strategy gives art ideas room at various touchpoints and provides you 

the disruptive character of art and the mindset of artist can be created

ais creates you a red thread throug art that keep together, intervenes with art in moments and places etc 

We operate as a Creative Lab, a (temporary) Corporate Think Tank to develop holistic solutions, i.e. to define problem areas and stakeholders, explore the field of work, collect ideas, develop a vision and make that vision a reality.

This could be 

with an agile Mindset and agile structures to discover and unfold hidden potentials in your business sector.​ 

We identifies your needs and provide you individual designed corporate art projects and innovative input for your brand development. 

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