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Consulting & Branding

Selected projects


Branding Le Manoir Cream Manufactory


As a Brand Strategy Concepter and Consultant, I developed the content-related and visual brand strategy of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory and advised on sales aspects.

In close cooperation with the management and the Senior Art Director Christian von der Heide, I developed an overall concept around the founding history of Le Manoir Cream Manufactory, which began on a film set. This included, among other things, the establishment of the company's own art section, Le Manoir Art (, which takes up the creative world of film.

In my function as Creative Director, I was responsible for the company's website until August 2019, including and Art & Inspiration Blog, please note: the current version (reprogrammed to a different system, with optical changes), is not subject to my responsibility.


Analysis and consulting Le Laboratoire Paris


As an Art & Strategy Consultant, I advised the private cultural institution called Le Laboratoire in the context of my thesis for the International Masters at the Louvre Paris. It was founded in 2007 by David Edwards, a Harvard professor and medical doctor. His intention was to make visible in exhibitions the process of the emergence of ideas in the exchange between artists and scientists. In 2014 "Le Laboratoire" moved to Cambridge and became the "Artcience Lab". 

Letter of reference by David Edward.

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