Selected References


art in strategy® project references



A German-French film project 

2018 - LM - Video - Fotos_DSC_3235.jpg

7 Elements

Seven abstract video clips as a symbol of a brand identity 


Le visage que tu mérites

A film about personal responsibility for one's own appearance

Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-20 um


An illustration as a representative figure and recognition value

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-20 um 00.34_edite

a  a (Identity)

An interactive sculpture as an experience of the corporate philosophy 

Are you curious

what an art in strategy® project specially tailored to your company might look like? 

An art in strategy® project for your company can be something similar to one of the above reference projects or something completely different. Art can be integrated into your marketing in various ways, and also in different price ranges. I love to develop each project individually based on your corporate identity and marketing/advertising needs. You are warmly invited to contact me for a noncomittal conversation.


Further references from different fields of activity 


Creative Direction

Selected references of different fields of activity 

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Exhibition curation


exhibition projects


Lecture & Speech

Selected presentations

and opening speeches


Text & Interview

Selected print

and online publications

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Consulting & Branding

Selected consulting

and branding



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