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About art in strategy®



In our fast-paced and competitive times, it is more important, but also more difficult than ever, to stand out as a company. To achieve this, a company needs innovation in all areas. At the same time, society demands that companies assume social responsibility, e.g. by engaging in the arts.

art in strategy® facilitate both of the above. Our purpose is to reshape traditional art sponsorship as well as to change the way innovation and innovative processes are carried out.


art in strategy® is neither a product nor a project per se. art in strategy® integrates art as well as artistic way of thinking into entrepreneurial value creation for innovation in corporate and production development, marketing and communication.


art in strategy® combines conception, consulting and curation, which interlock with each other. For each project we form an individual team, consisting of curators, innovation experts, design strategists and at least one executive artist.

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