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In our fast-moving and competitive time, it is more important, but also more difficult than ever, to stand out as a company. In order to do so, a business needs that certain something. Innovation in marketing, product development etc. need some kind of out of the box outcome that decisively satisfies actual consumer needs, and corporate communication needs unusual content that gets noticed, and makes a lasting impression on the viewer's memory attention and sustainability. At the same time, society demands that companies assume social responsibility, such as commitment through arts sponsorship. art in strategy® can enable both of the above. Our purpose is to transform the way to conduct innovation and innovative processes and to game chance traditional sponsorship of the arts.


art in strategy® is a transformative approach developed by Katharina Arimont that integrates art into corporate value creation. We conceive and create outstanding entrepreneurial art engagement projects in which we use as a mirror of society to create innovation and outstanding content. By linking arts to economic processes, we are focusing on the impact of new technologies in cultural contexts in order to spark a process that provides an impetus for the company and the surrounding society simultaneously. Therefore we open up a wide angle lens that reflects the real needs and wants of (potential) consumers. The direct benefit for the company can be reaching out new target groups, ideas for brand and product innovation as well as outstanding content for marketing and corporate communication while entrepreneurial art engagement increases corporate value.


The art in strategy® approach unites conception, consulting and curation being utilized simultaneously and thus generate an interplay, so that these three core activity aspects intertwine and are applied in a kind of interactive circle at various interfaces between different company departments (eg between business development/innovation department, marketing/technology and so on). We act as a Creative Lab, a (temporary) corporate Think Tank with interdisciplinary teams and divers teams of artists, design strategists, curators and specialists. In doing so, we cooperate across disciplines with technical as well as cultural and educational institutions.

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