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At art in strategy® (ais) we believe in a holistic approach in innovation creation. Such an approach is often missing in the development of innovation. Innovation arises primarily in the context of technology, the concrete benefits of the current application, and in pre-assembled systems, with a focus on singular measures and institutions. ais loosens up fixed structures. Our purpose is to revolutionize the way to innovate.


What began in 2017 with projects on corporate image/communication and marketing has now been extended to the product innovation area. Through the strategic use of art, ais creates unusual perspective changes and perspectives with a magnified focal length that reflect actual needs/wants in society. In this way, ais creates far-reaching visions for marketing and innovation, combines these with specific implementation strategies and acts as a flexible interface in the development of disruptive ideas. We identify your needs, analyze challenges, define stakeholders and explore the field of work, collect ideas, develop a artistic vision and let this vision become reality in outstanding brand and product innovation as well as communication.


We form an Innovation Lab, a (temporary) corporate Think Tank with interdisciplinary teams of design strategists, artists, curators and specialists. Located between analog and digital, human and technology, art and strategy, we use art strategically as a mirror of societal needs as well as the ability of artists to look for trends like seismographs looking under every stone we discover the extraordinary. Positioning ourselves at different interfaces, e.g. between business development/innovation and marketing/technology, makes us agile and flexible in innovation development. In addition to new technologies, we also incorporate cultural aspects and dynamics, opening up exciting perspectives and enabling the basis for sustainably superior innovations that permanently bind consumers to a brand and its products.

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